Prospective Students

I encourage students interested in joining our research lab to contact me directly (jastein@illinois.edu). Our research spans a wide array of subject areas, offering students with various levels of experience to contribute to our work.  Students interested in graduate opportunities should provide a CV, unofficial transcript, and unofficial GRE scores regardless of whether you have a specific project in mind.

Undergraduates seeking to gain research experience can also contact me to discuss the many options we have in our lab for gaining both field and laboratory experience.

I encourage all prospective students to review our current and past projects, our lab member profiles, and our list of publications to identify areas of mutual research interest.

Prospective Interns

Each field season, our lab provides internships to undergraduate students to gain valuable experience in fisheries field ecology. Through our many ongoing research projects, we involve our interns in all aspects of our laboratory and field data collection and analysis. Our interns gain valuable, real-world experience in fisheries ecology and are an important part of many of the fisheries research and management activities throughout the state of Illinois. Many of our former interns have become graduate students in our lab or other research labs across the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an intern for our Lab, please contact Sarah King at shuck@illinois.edu.