Our research lab is focused on the study of basic and applied ecology of freshwater and marine fisheries to understand linkages between life history and exploitation of fish populations by human activities. We use manipulative experiments, field studies, and long-term data sets in combination to explore the roles humans play in driving variation in fish populations. Our interests span a variety of species and systems, providing a broad spectrum of perspectives. Fundamentally, we seek to explore how human activities can impact the reproductive ecology and behavior of fishes, ultimately translating findings into meaningful and effective conservation actions.

Our Funding

A large portion of our lab funding comes from Federal Aid. For a look at our Federal Aid projects, download a PDF copy of Sport Fish Research in Illinois: A look inside Sport Fish Restoration Fund Project F-69-R.

Additionally, we have other projects within our lab that are funded by smaller grants, including those provided by the University of Illinois Campus Research Board and the Great Lake Restoration Initiative.